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I have been artsy my whole life (and crafty too). Stick around long enough and I'll probably show some of it here :) Over the years I've dabbled in all sorts of mediums, pen and ink and digital art being two of my favorites as far as artsy goes and sewing and other textile crafts probably being my preferred method of crafting. These days I mostly do graphic design for personal use on the web.

I'll be the first to admit that I can, will and do judge a book by it's cover. A really great cover will stop me in my tracks and all I can do is stare. I do try to actually read the synopsis or cover blurbs (or even a review or two if I'm near the internet) to see what the book itself is about before ultimately deciding whether the cover alone is worth the cost.
Seriously, I own books *only* because they have covers I love but would never bother reading and on the flipside, I'll read a book even if I don't like and/or *gasp* hate the cover ... so I'm not a total cover snob.

As far as these Cover Commentaries go, I am just a person with a passion for visual stimulation and like everyone else, I also have an opinion about what I see. I figured this blog was a great place for me to talk about the book covers that catch my eye ... and hopefully other people will stop by and comment every once in a while too.

When it comes to covers I love .... I will gush. I'm sure I'll *sigh* a lot too (actually, there will probably be a whole lot of *sighing* going on) and it's possible I'll even occasionally torch (figuratively only) some of the less than liked covers I come in contact with.
I would like to share my small crushes to true loves and express my personal opinions about the artwork - give some artist kudos too when possible - and whether I think it's a book cover that would have 'outward facing' status on my bookshelves or if it's one I'd sooner make one of those old-fashioned, brown grocery sack covers for ... or even worse, if I'd just hide the poor book behind it's prettier, shinier shelf mates.

Other people may love covers I hate and I'm sure some of my favorite covers may not be liked much by others at all, and that's okay - you don't have to gush just because I do and as long as you're respectful, you're even welcome to express your own opinions and comments here or even disagree with me about stuff ;-) because, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, with that .... Here's to fun Cover Commentary :-)

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