About Us

~ Our Story (as it relates to this blog).

Once upon a time, a man and woman met (online actually) and fell in love... they got married, have many things in common and truly enjoy one anothers company ... they love and live happily in one of the Southern states of the US.

And...the two read. A lot.

-very true story


~ Random Things:

We play car games.
As in "Slug-a-Bug [color]!" .... most people will either remember that game from their own childhood or the younger generations might know it as 'Punchbuggy" ... but then, we learned another version from my little sister called "Banana!" - which is what you yell out whenever you see a yellow vehicle, however, if you spot a yellow cab you have to scream "Banana-Yellow-Taxi-Cab I WIN!!"  before (aka louder and faster) than the other person to 'win' all the bananas gotten up to that point.
Then there is "Giddy-Up!" ... those are the Mustangs
to which we added "Go-Fast-Stripes I WIN!!" (these applies to the vehicles that have racing stripes down the top - not just the Mustangs).
And, finally there is "UPS-Truck I WIN!" :D

It's especially sweet when you get combo's too - like a Giddy-Up-Banana-with-Go-Fast-Stripes I WIN! :D

~ I Collect Bookmarks:

As in I <3 <3 <3 Bookmarks almost as much as the books themselves. Whenever I begin a new book, I spend time carefully and thoughtfully choosing a complimentary bookmark to use (if I don't have a one that actually matches the book).
And just like with books, I can *ALWAYS* do with more bookmarks - I love them in any size, type, textile or personality. The more the merrier! :D

~ We Have Many Furries:

We currently have 3 cats (inside), 1 cat (outside) and 2 stoopid dogs. There is also a wide variety of birds that frequently dine out at the bird feeder in the front yard.

~ Book Hoarder on Board

just sayin'


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